07.11.2023  START7

START7: Berlin dominance, Balingen insider tips and a Wetzlar bargain

Before the LIQUI MOLY HBL resumes after the international break, it's time to take another look at Fantasy Manager START7. While the handball top flight was at a standstill, the transfer carousel in the digital leagues continued to turn. But which players are particularly worth keeping an eye out for on the transfer market? Which top scorers are affordable even with a small fixed deposit account? And: Who has emerged as an insider tip in recent weeks? Here is the overview!

The "strongest league in the world" is not only known for its exceptional goals, but also for its powerful goal-preventers.One of these is Samir Bellahcene, who immediately became the biggest START7 point-scorer after his late signing by THW Kiel on matchday eight.The Frenchman scored 88 points in the "little northern derby" against Handball Sport Verein Hamburg.However, if you want to make a good deal with him, you should be quick: his market value is currently €598 thousand.

One week later, Ellidi Snaer Vidarsson from VfL Gummersbach ensured a premiere in this START7 season.With his twelve goals and two assists against the promoted team from Eisenach, he not only secured two points for his club, but also became the first centre-back to be ranked first among the best points scorers on a matchday in Fantasy Manager (88 P).The Icelander is currently available for around 514 thousand euros.

On the following match days, the goalkeepers were once again the centre of attention.On the tenth matchday, it was Leipzig's Kristian Saeveraas who made a spectacular save rate of almost 54% in the draw in Hanover, scoring a total of 83 points.Nebojsa Simic even managed to surpass this figure by one point a week later, thus scoring the most points of all LIQUI MOLY HBL players for the second time this season. However, this also comes at a price: with a market value of over 1.4 million euros, Simic is one of the most expensive players in the league. Saeveraas, on the other hand, looks better with a price tag of around 677 thousand euros, which puts him more in the midfield.

The best point scorers in the league

There was a changing of the guard at the top of the overall list of top scorers. Josip Sarac, who was still in pole position after the first seven match days, has now been pushed down to eighth place. However, with a market value of €747 thousand, he is one of five players in the top 10 by total points who are still available for less than €1 million.

The ninth-placed player, Domen Novak (364 thousand euros), can be regarded as particularly affordable and a real bargain with a total score of 265. However, Timo Kastening (643 thousand euros, 278 GP) and Dejan Milosavljev (773 thousand euros, 349 GP) also offer excellent value for money.

The Foxes goalkeeper is part of a trio from the German capital that leads the table of top scorers. Lonely at the top is probably the best player of this season: Mathias Gidsel. The Dane is not only currently setting new standards on the handball pitch, but is also stirring up the START 7 community with 440 total points. For managers who have the necessary "small change", the Dane is just as interesting an option as team-mate Lindberg (343 GP), Claar from Magdeburg (278 GP) or goal-scorer Mortensen (283 GP).


  • G: Dejan Milosavljev (Füchse Berlin) – 349 points
  • LW: Casper Ulrich Mortensen (Handball Sport Verein Hamburg) – 283 points
  • LB: Josip Sarac (FRISCH AUF! Göppingen) – 278 points
  • CB: Felix Claar (SC Magdeburg) – 287 points
  • RB: Mathias Gidsel (Füchse Berlin) – 440 points
  • RW: Hans Lindberg (Füchse Berlin) – 343 points
  • P: Lukas Jorgensen (SG Flensburg-Handewitt) – 198 points

The insider tips

Away from the radar, however, players with the potential for a further improvement in performance have also impressed in recent weeks, without requiring an overly heavy purse. These include Marius Steinhauser (547 thousand euros, 242 GP) as well as the two Balingen players Patrick Volz (462 thousand euros, 226 GP) and Mohamed El-Tayar (393 thousand euros, 216 GP).

Stuttgart's centre Lukas Laube (160 thousand euros, 169 GP) and the next "Gaul", right winger Leo Prantner (204 thousand euros, 167 GP), are even cheaper and therefore real insider tips. Eisenach's Ivan Snajder also has the lowest market value of all players who have scored at least 100 total points at EUR 102 thousand, while Gummersbach's Tom Kiesler, the best player below the EUR 100,000 threshold, has already scored 99 points this season.