History: All time standings

The all time table shows the statistics of all teams that have ever competed in the 1st Handball Bundesliga. When the league was founded in 1966, it was initially divided into two divisions until the single-division Bundesliga was introduced in 1977. Since then, a total of 95 clubs have been active in Germany's highest division.

The first German champion was VfL Gummersbach in the 1966/67 season. As the winner of the North Division, it beat the winner of the South Division, TV Hochdorf, in the final by a clear 23:7. The VfL went on to shape an entire era. Then, at the beginning of the 90s, the era of THW Kiel began. THW won its first championship in 1994 and now leads the eternal table by a clear margin.

*In the case of name changes and club fusions, the name of the club last used in this league is given
**Cancelled matches, play-offs and promotion and relegation rounds are not included in the statistics

****The table takes into account the West German Bundesliga until the German reunification in 1991. The clubs from the DDR-Oberliga were only added after 1991.