07.06.2023  START7

Over 27,000 users in four months: Successful launch of the START7 Handball Fantasy Manager

Cologne, 07.06.2023 - At the end of January 2023, HBL GmbH and its official digitalisation partner, the Aschaffenburg-based software and cloud services provider PASS Consulting Group, caused a worldwide novelty in handball: With "START7 - the Handball Fantasy Manager", a corresponding licensed product for all Android and iOS devices went online for the first time. The two companies struck a chord with the handball community: In the second half of the 2022/23 season, START7 was downloaded thousands of times and around 27,000 users registered.

  • HBL GmbH and PASS Consulting Group take positive stock of the launch of the new LIQUI MOLY HBL digital fan service
  • Further developments and new features planned for the coming season

LIQUI MOLY HBL wants to use this app to involve the existing fan community even more deeply and tap into new target groups. Thanks to the diverse feedback from the community on user-friendliness and performance, the unexpected rush on the app in the weeks after release was quickly overcome by initial optimisation measures.

START7 will also be further optimised with a view to the upcoming 2023/24 season, and new features and further developments are already being implemented, such as an in-game reward and award system for users and an English-language app version.

In the strategy game "START7", every handball fan can try their hand as a manager in the LIQUI MOLY HBL and put together their dream team from all the licensed players in the "strongest league in the world". The game principle of the Fantasy Manager is based on the real events of the LIQUI MOLY Handball Bundesliga.

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Frank Leibmann, Managing Director of Digital & Data at HBL GmbH: "In addition to the large number of registrations within the first few match days, we are particularly pleased with the gratitude with which users have contacted us with feedback, ideas and suggestions for improvement. We will use the summer break to implement some of them, so that all fans can already look forward to the start of the new season in August. Now we wish all managers eventful and exciting last two match days - may the best win."

Kevin Wittke, Head of Business Unit Sports at PASS: "The growing community of START7 Handball Fantasy Manager confirms our belief that there was a great demand for such a game. We are very happy that we managed to realise this app together with our partner HBL in such a short time. We would like to thank all users who have contributed to the success story of the last few months with their downloads and constructive feedback. We wish you all the best in managing the app.

START7 – Fantasy Manager auf Basis des Handball-Performance Index (HPI)

Mehr Informationen zum Spielerlebnis in Verbindung mit dem Handball-Performance-Index (HPI) und den Abo-Modellen von START7 finden sich hier oder auf www.start7.de.

Über die Handball-Bundesliga GmbH (HBL GmbH)
Die HBL  GmbH ist für  Organisation, Lizenzierung und Vermarktung der 1. und 2. Bundesliga verantwortlich. Sie nimmt auch Spielansetzungen in beiden Profiligen vor Zusätzlich zu den Ansetzungen der insgesamt  612 Saisonbegegnungen in LIQUI MOLY HBL und 2. Handball-Bundesliga setzt die HBL GmbH sämtliche Pokal-Spiele an. Sie ist außerdem Veranstalterin des Saison-Highlights REWE Final4 um den DHB-Pokal sowie des Pixum Super Cups und des All Star Games.

Die HBL GmbH ist für die zentrale Vermarktung des Namensrechts sowie der Medienrechte im In- und Ausland verantwortlich. Nach langjährigen Namenspartnerschaften mit den Unternehmen Toyota und DKB ist derzeit LIQUI MOLY, weltweit bekannter Hersteller hochwertigster Schmierstoffe, Motoröle und Additive, HBL-Namensgeber.

Bis zum 30. Juni 2023 berichten Sky Deutschland und ARD/ZDF über die LIQUI MOLY HBL. Die 2. HBL wird derzeit von Sportdeutschland.tv gezeigt. Ab der Saison 2023/34 zeigt das Medienunternehmen Dyn Media alle Spiele der LIQUI MOLY HBL. Auch die Spiele der 2. HBL sowie die der EHF Champions League sind dann auf der Streaming-Plattform live zu sehen. Selbiges gilt für die Spiele der Frauenbundesliga.

Über die PASS Consulting Group
Die PASS Consulting Group mit Hauptsitz in Aschaffenburg ist ein Software-, Cloudservice- und Beratungshaus. 1981 gegründet, beschäftigt das Unternehmen an seinen neun deutschen sowie zwei internationalen Standorten heute mehr als 600 Mitarbeitende.

Kernkompetenz ist die Digitalisierung von Großkonzernen, Mittelstand, Verbänden, Vereinen und Start-ups. Basis hierfür ist eine Bibliothek von IT-Komponenten, die Digitale Business Plattform, aus der PASS Unternehmensanwendungen konfiguriert. Individuallösungen entstehen mittels Technologien zur Modellierung und Generierung. Daneben kommen Cross-Platform-Technologien wie z.B. die automatisierte Software-Migration zum Einsatz. Mit der so entstandenen Software Factory ist PASS Marktführer in der Entwicklungsproduktivität. Vision ist die Bereitstellung individueller Software-Lösungen auf Knopfdruck: Solutions@fingertips.

Die Kunden kommen u.a. aus der Digitalen Wirtschaft, der Finanzindustrie, der Versicherungswirtschaft, der Reiseindustrie, der Telekommunikation, der öffentlichen Verwaltung und dem Sport.


START7 - Fantasy Manager based on the Handball Performance Index (HPI).

More information on the gaming experience in conjunction with the Handball Performance Index (HPI) and START7's subscription models can be found here or at www.start7.de.

About Handball-Bundesliga GmbH (HBL GmbH)
HBL GmbH is responsible for the organisation, licensing and marketing of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga. It also schedules matches in both professional leagues. In addition to scheduling a total of 612 season matches in the LIQUI MOLY HBL and 2nd Handball Bundesliga, HBL GmbH schedules all cup matches. It is also the organiser of the season highlight REWE Final4 for the DHB Cup as well as the Pixum Super Cup and the All Star Game.

HBL GmbH is responsible for the central marketing of the naming rights and the media rights in Germany and abroad. After long-standing naming partnerships with the companies Toyota and DKB, LIQUI MOLY, a world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality lubricants, motor oils and additives, is currently the HBL namesake.

Sky Deutschland and ARD/ZDF will report on the LIQUI MOLY HBL until 30 June 2023. The 2nd HBL is currently shown by Sportdeutschland.tv. From the 2023/34 season, the media company Dyn Media will show all LIQUI MOLY HBL matches. The 2nd HBL and EHF Champions League matches will also be shown live on the streaming platform. The same applies to the Women's Bundesliga matches.

About the PASS Consulting Group
The PASS Consulting Group, headquartered in Aschaffenburg, is a software, cloud service and consulting company. Founded in 1981, the company now employs more than 600 people at its nine German and two international locations.

Its core competence is the digitalisation of large corporations, SMEs, associations, clubs and start-ups. The basis for this is a library of IT components, the Digital Business Platform, from which PASS configures corporate applications. Individual solutions are created using modelling and generation technologies. In addition, cross-platform technologies such as automated software migration are used. With the resulting Software Factory, PASS is the market leader in development productivity. The vision is to provide customised software solutions at the touch of a button: Solutions@fingertips.

Customers come from the digital economy, the financial industry, the insurance industry, the travel industry, telecommunications, public administration and sport, among others.